Chinese Lucky Charms - Win your Next Fortune at the Casino!

Chinese Lucky Charms -  Win your Next Fortune at the Casino!
There is some amount of madness, genius, and magic required to be a gambler. As much as we may debate that gambling requires skill and intelligence, we can’t deny the fact that luck has to favor your game at the end of the day. There is a sense of trust and unwavering faith that gamblers place in the higher power while they play their game. 

Since ancient times, Chinese lucky charms and Fen Shui applications have been popular and known to strengthen positivity, cure diseases, and bring good luck and fortune to the believers. Many gamblers from across the globe believe in its power and love to use them to achieve good luck and success in their games. Let’s look at the top 5 Chinese Lucky Charms that you can use to win your next fortune: 

1. Pinyin – 

Chinese symbol of prosperity Pinyin is a Chinese symbol that is considered to bring good luck, and great fortune and keep poverty at bay. The Chinese often hang this symbol on their doors and houses during the Chinese Spring Festival and New Year. Gamblers like to use this symbol in jewelry so that they can wear it during their games. 

2. Chinese Dragons -

Chinese Dragons are a very common symbol among the Chinese. It represents one’s ability to take life’s burdens and achieve victory over them. It is meant to bring prosperity, good health, and success. 

3. Red Envelopes -  

Red is considered a color of passion in the west but for the Chinese, it is associated with yang – which means life energy, wealth, and success. It is considered to bring inspiration, determination, and motivation to the believers and bless them with great wealth and positivity. 

4. Jin Chan – 

The Three Legged Toad Jin Chan – the three-legged toad is considered auspicious and believed to bring wealth. The Chinese believe that if the Jin Chan appears in their households on a full moon night with a coin in its mouth, it intimates the arrival of money and good news. The Jin Chan is one of the favorite Chinese lucky charms among gamblers and they like to carry it with them to the casinos. Some put their chips or lottery tickets under the toad statue and hope for good luck to strike them. 

5. Three Chinese Lucky Coins -  

The three Chinese lucky coins tied with a red ribbon are considered to bring good luck and success. Gamblers are often seen carrying it with them in their purse or wallets to attract abundance and wealth. To bring wealth and prosperity to your homes, it is advised to place the Chinese coins in the southeast direction of your home. 


As the saying goes, “What the mind can perceive, it can conceive.” Lucky charms boost confidence and help in believing that there is a guiding light that is with us through thick and thin. Success begins in the mind and lucky charms help us develop faith in the unseen and attract the success that we deserve!

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