Actions That Will Make You Leave Casinos Immediately

Actions That Will Make You Leave Casinos Immediately
Casinos across the world have clearly defined rules and all the players must adhere to them. However, these rules are not like walking on a needle or something like that but generalized. They are more tilted towards responsibility and respecting others. In this article, we will talk about some of these rules briefly. 


It universally accepted fact that cheating is banned in the casinos. However, players trying to cheat will be caught instantly and can be taken out of the casinos immediately. Furthermore, a lifetime ban in the particular casino and their sister casinos will be imposed on the player. Going forward, players may face severe criminal charges and also a felony. 

Hanging Out at Tables 

Loitering at tables is strictly prohibited in almost all casinos. This may sound harmless however this causes distractions to dealers and can cause a lack of concentration for the players. Therefore, no one is allowed near tables except players and their companions. 

Disrespecting the Casino Staff 

If players are found disrespecting the staff, casinos will not think twice before bouncing the players. The staff may include wait staff, dealers, pit bosses, security guards, waiters, and others. 

Using Smart Phones and Taking Photos 

Smartphones are not banned but they cause serious issues. While the game is on players tend to answer calls or get busy with social media. This causes distraction to other players and delays in the game. Also, dealers get upset with such useless acts and it breaks their flow. Furthermore, many casinos have strict policies for taking pictures and many players tend to violet such policies. 

Taking Your Pets at Casinos 

Almost all the casinos have strict guidelines for pets and they are not at all allowed in them. However, pets are allowed in rooms but not on the casino floor. Pets can distract other players, dirty the floor, and can cause damage to the property. Therefore, they are not allowed. 

Being a Jackwagon 

Drinking is allowed on almost all the tables. However, if players are intoxicated with extra drinks, they are thrown out immediately. The casinos apply a zero-tolerance policy on Jackwagons. 

Smoking Joint and Drugs 

As far as marijuana is concerned, they are not tolerated. Also, all drugs are prohibited. Therefore, do not try to sneak in any of these items, or else you will be thrown out. 

Counting Cards 

Many casino games are card-based and counting cards can give an extra edge to players. Players can perform mathematical calculations on how the dealer distributes the cards and available players. It is considered a form of cheating. Therefore, counting cards is not a good idea at the casinos. 

Being Super Sore Loser or Winning Too Much 

Winning and losing are part of casino gambling. However, being sore after losing big is not a good idea. Also, making lots of money can lead to suspicion. In either case, players will be taken out of the casinos. Dress Code Casinos have dress codes and they follow this rule strictly. Therefore, if you want to be stopped at the casino entrance then you must not follow the dress code decided by casinos.

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