Casino Etiquettes 101: Your Guide to Common Casino Etiquettes

Casino Etiquettes 101: Your Guide to Common Casino Etiquettes
Gamblers at casinos follow certain etiquettes to keep the environment classy and professional. If you have started your gambling journey online but are yet to experience playing at a real casino, there are certain casino etiquettes that you may like to follow: 

1. Dress Professionally: 

If you’re an ace gambler but prefer to play with your casual Tee and flip flops, you may like to wear that to the casino during the daytime but in the evenings they follow formal attire preferably smart business formals. As casino games are high stake games, it is apparent that the dress code should go with it. Always make sure to do your research before you visit a casino so that you are not inappropriately dressed. 

2. Always Tip the Dealer: 

Tipping the dealer is a classy way to show them some respect and keep them happy. It is not like they’re capable of chasing you away from the table but it’s always better to maintain cordial relations with the dealer. 

3. Read all Rules & Regulations before the Visit: 

Every casino has a defined set of terms, rules, and regulations and as a player; you must be well versed with them. There will be monetary transactions you will be involved in and hence it is advisable to know about the legalities so that nobody can cheat or scam you. 

4. Understand Game Rules before you Begin: 

You don’t want to annoy your fellow mates and waste their time by not knowing the game rules properly. It is basic etiquette to know the rules of the game before you sit to play. You will remain stress-free and will be able to focus better if you know the rules properly. 

5. Know how to Buy your Chips: 

Newcomers often make the mistake of betting wrong on the table. The denominations are mentioned on the boards clearly at each table. You’ve got to be aware of the minimum bet amount. You don’t want to offer a $10 at a table where the minimum bet is $15. The etiquette is to place the cash on the table and not hand it to the dealer directly. The croupier will exchange the cash and replace it with chips. 

6. Card Etiquette: 

Cards are like jewels at a card game on a casino table and you are expected to treat them like one. Never touch them with your hands if they are placed face up. If they are placed face down, you may touch them with one hand only. Always refrain from keeping glasses on top of your cards. Remember, they are playing cards and not your coasters. 


As a beginner, it is important to know basic casino etiquette so that you don’t feel out of place when you visit one. I hope this article helps you learn the basic nuances and understand what is expected from you as a gambler at the casino!

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