Breaking Online Casino Myths

Breaking Online Casino Myths
Casinos and gambling have always been associated with myths and looked at as bad habits. As much as casino games are loved by gamblers because of the thrill, excitement, and huge sums of fortune that it generates, it has always been questioned in the eyes of law and many people are still doubtful of the fact that casinos are not legal. Let’s break the common myths associated with online casinos: 

1. Online Casinos are Illegal – 

Every country has its laws and regulations and regularizes its casinos accordingly. If casinos were illegal, they would have shut down by now but instead, they are becoming more and more popular over the years. There is no global legislation as such and every casino is governed by the concerned country’s laws. 

2. Casinos are only meant for gambling: 

Along with games that involve pure gambling, there are also games like Poker, Blackjack, and Pai Gow that requires skill. Earlier people considered gambling a bad habit but with time, they are realizing that some casino games are skill-based and the players are respected like players of any other sport like chess, cricket, or tennis. 

3. Online casinos are accessible to underage players: 

It is a big myth that online casinos are promoting gambling to younger kids whereas every user is made to undergo proper authorization and verification before they can register themselves. There are age restrictions and users are allowed to sign in only if they adhere to age rules. 

4. Online Gambling is Addictive: 

It depends on the player to the player. Many professional gamblers play without being addicted to their games. Moreover, there are a lot of online tools and applications nowadays that help you remain focused and track your budget. 

5. Online Casinos don’t pay their players: 

If casinos didn’t pay their players, they wouldn’t have been thriving till now. Casinos spend a huge amount on activities involved in attracting and retaining their customer base and in no way are interested in not paying their players unless they violate policies, terms & conditions. It would hurt their reputation and they would lose out on rankings. 

6. Online Casinos are Rigged: 

Most people believe that online casinos are capable of influencing the outcomes of games. Casino games are based on luck and randomness. Casinos are regulated by outside authorities and cheating may cost them their gambling license. Online casinos cannot directly manipulate slot machines as they are managed and hosted by third parties. 

7. Welcome Bonuses are a Scam: 

Most people feel that bonuses are a scam but they fail to read the terms and conditions associated with them. Casinos have different policies regarding their bonuses and it is advised to read them carefully before arriving at conclusions to avoid confusion and distrust. 


When the online casino industry was initially taking off, there were quite a few shady companies and individuals trying to dupe customers using illegal ways. However, now most of the online platforms are well regularized and authorized and are not allowed to function without a valid license. Don’t become a slave of your fears, rather take a step forward, read about the reality, and be an informed player!

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